Call out to Fanny’s Follies’ followers

During this time of “sheltering-in-place” because of Covid-19, I am taking advantage of the downtime to concentrate on creating my website. With the prospect of no craft fairs in the unforseen future, I am hoping to create an outlet for me to report  my daily happenings.

There are still gardening days ahead as soon as this Maine weather cooperates! At our camp in Belgrade, the ground is still very waterlogged and the wind blows cold. We just had about 10 inches of snow the other day but the next day was very windy with gusts up to 75 mph in some areas of Maine. We went to check on our camp yesterday to find all the snow gone and a few limbs on the ground. We will certainly have enough cleanup time to keep us busy.

The bulbs that my husband, Jim, planted around the well are sprouting and some crocuses are blooming! Volunteer pansies have peeked their heads in our deck garden. The little lilac tree is budding which I am thrilled about. Looks like my carnations have come back. Fingers crossed for my lavender plant to revive.

The Canadian geese couple has come back. I spotted two Great Herons on the wing–such a majestice sight. Some mallards are inspecting the brook searching out places to make their homes. I think they’re used to our boxer/chihuahua dog, Molly, running along the shoreline.  Chickadees, titmice, ravens (the five sisters as we call them), mourning doves, downy woodpeckers and purple finch have all returned to the feeders. Even the goldfinch have their summer feathers shining bright!

There was a little head bobbing along the brook too. We couldn’t figure out if it was a beaver or an otter. We’ll see them in abundance soon.

Well, this is a start. A rebirth for Fanny’s Follies! I hope to provide you some interesting reading in the coming days. Thanks for stopping by to read this. It would be a folly not to look!

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